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Garage 63 presents the collection of bags P-911 70 ‘s Style. La Bag. P-911 70 ‘s Style is made with the precious material used on the Porsche models of the years 70 allowing the myth of the Porsche brand its right Revival. Everything that covered the interiors in the mythical Porsche 911 of the years 70 re-lives its charm in the fabulous models of bags made by GARAGE 63.

Owning a bag P-911 70 ‘s style means love for the world of engines, love for objects of style, love for retro charm. The bags of the series P-911 70 ‘s Style are all the result of a handicraft process of finishing, any imperfections are to be considered the merits that make absolutely unique, original and inimitable our products. The work is done entirely in Italy by master craftsmen, the material used faithfully reproduces those used on the Porsche 911 years 70.